Graphic Design

Liberian Association of Cleveland and its Environs (LACE)

I designed a poster for the group's Liberian Independence Day Celebration.


Shrek T-Shirt

I designed a T-Shirt for a local production of Shrek the Musical.

shrek shrek  

The Wiz T-Shirt

I designed a T-Shirt for a local production of The Wiz.


Senior Thesis Catalog

Collaboration with Rebecca Donald and Stacey Toseland. View the first 12 pages.

Front Thesis Catalog open

Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis is broken up into two parts at Penn. The first semester is a sample of the work that is to come in the second semester.


FALL 2010 ARTIST STATEMENT: Throughout the semester, I have been interested in investigating the shortcomings of human nature manifested in both the present and the past, of others, and of myself. In my current project, I explore and expose the underlining currents of racism and bigotry in America, determining culpability through printed type as well as through physical representation. Here is what I displayed at the Fall 2010 Senior Thesis Preview Exhibition.

Quaker Bball
Spring Break Spring Break  


ARG Back Back

Arthur Ross Gallery

Created a new logo for the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania. They wanted the typeface to stand out and the design to be contemporary. The second thumbnail is a link to their website which showcases a variation of the logo.

ARG ARG Website  

Lehigh Valley Health Network March of Dimes 2010

I designed the T-Shirt used for the Lehigh Valley Hospital team for the March of Dimes. I wanted to do something slightly playful while at the same time adhering to the color restrictions.


Fall 2010 Department of Fine Arts Course Offerings

Foldable poster done in collaboration with Sharleen Chen. Each of the squares on the front represents actual student work from each of the areas within the UPenn Fine Arts Department.

Front Back  

UPenn Sustainability in Action blog headers

Collaboration with my classmates in FNAR270. Designed blog headers for possible use for a new class being offered at Penn, Sustainability in Action.


Web Design

Senior Thesis Website

Built the thesis website for the UPenn 2011 Undergraduate Fine Arts Show.

Senior Thesis Fine Arts Show    

Link to Liberia

Built website for a news site about the country of Liberia.

Link to Liberia    

Essa Loves Sabrina

Built website for a wedding.

Essa Loves Sabrina    

Furness Motto Machine

Web Project done in collaboration with Quintin Marcus, Jamie Shim, and Yiyi Zhou. The Furness Building, or the Fisher Fine Arts Library, is a unique red building on the University of Pennsylvania's campus. It includes many decorated glass windows that feature a variety of quotes (or "mottoes") from Shakespeare's plays, some of which might be confusing to an average viewer. To highlight and celebrate these quotes, we decided to take them and come up with snarky, modern day translations. Thus, the Furness Motto Machine was born.

Furness Motto Machine    

Illustration & Cartooning

Digital Illustration Class

Work that I produced during the class.

Arts Cartoon Arts Cartoon Nick Minaj

Lehigh Valley Arts Council

I drew an arts-related cartoon for the Sept/Oct 2009 newsletter.

Arts Cartoon    

The Daily Pennsylvanian Winner

I illustrated every week for The Daily Pennsylvanian, the campus newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. I won The Daily Pennsylvanian's "Opinion Artist of the Year" Award.

Spring Break Ke$ha
Quaker Bball Four Loko Vote
Halloween Bill Cosby Smiley
Local Food Day UA Class


Penn Political Review

Illustrations I did in from 2009-2010 to correspond with/ react to articles.

Obama's First Day Russia v. Ukraine It's Not Me!
The Weight of the World Quit Clowning Around!

First Call

Illustrations I did in from 2008-2010 for various articles.

Writing Samples

The Daily Pennsylvanian

An Opinion article that I wrote for the summer edition of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

The DP Article    

Lehigh Valley Arts Council

Here is an article I wrote on fiber artist Barbara Schulman while interning at the Lehigh Valley Arts Council, a non-profit organization that gives grants to local arts-related programs.

Barbara Schulman    

The Walk

I'm also interested in fashion and so I wrote a quick, satirical piece for The Walk Magazine's online edition.

The Walk Article    



Collaboration with Sebastian Schloesser, Jason Jadick, Scott Myslinski, and Elsa Fain. Shot with a Panasonic HD Camera and edited with Final Cut Pro 7. For our class, Video I.

The Walk Article